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Magic Wrap Skirt-Reversible and Convertible-34"-Fushia/Cream/Red/Green (G)

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A luxurious blend of one of kind colors and prints enriched by a unique patterns. These beautiful 2 layers versatile vintage silk wraps offer an array of possibilities for over 100 ways to wear. You can achieve any number of looks from simple to sophisticated in skirt, dress, top, sarong, sari style, poncho or shawl.

Don't limit yourself to the instructions (included in order), be creative, let your imagination run wild. You will be amazed with your own special styles. This wrap skirt is suitable for expecting moms as one wrap will see you through your whole pregnancy depending on your own unique style. It would be a very nice gift for someone you love or someone you want to surprise. They will be amazed.

  • Made from refurbished vintage saree silks
  • Silk may be of Crushed Silk, Raw Silk, Satin Touch Silk or Shimmer Silk.  20% of either Rayon or Polyester are mixed to create different texture. Fabric finish may have satin, georgette, chiffon, cotton or other weave and thus created a lighter, thinner, thicker or heavier feel.
  • Reversible and Double Layer
  • Wrap Dress/skirt
  • Fit size : XS to 1X (2 to 16)
  • Length approx 34"
  • Width approx 47"
  • Made in India
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